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Cellular Backhaul

The growing number of mobile users and applications, coupled with the strong uptake of 5G networks and LEO/MEO/GEO constellations, is driving high transport capacity requirements among cellular networks.  In cases where traditional backhaul technologies (such as radio links and optical fibers) are not feasible or too expensive, LEO/MEO/GEO satellite-based backhaul is the optimal solution.  

As a result, new transmission technologies, topologies and network architectures are emerging to ease the backhaul cost and capacity crunch.

RIGEL for land features a lower profile and less intrusive design which also enables easier permitting.   This Multi-Orbit Satcom terminal based on Luneburg Lens Technology offers a unique, cost-effective, and innovative backhaul solution that is superior to all other alternatives, using one lightweight, low power consumption and high RF performance terminal that tracks multiple satellites simultaneously with inherent “Make-Before-Break” for seamless satellite handover and higher resiliency.